United States Maritime Resource Center (USMRC)

As part of the Blue Innovation Symposium in January 2020, Brian Holden, the Chairman and President of USMRC kindly arranged for the USMRC facility to be made available for delegates to take an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the USMRC facility in Middletown RI. The USMRC is an independent, nonprofit marine operation and maritime risk research center and education institution with a focus on navigation and operational safety, maritime risk mitigation, and the development of human capital, among other things.

One of the highlights of the visit to the facilities was the Marine Operations Modeling and Simulation (MOMS), a state-of-the-art simulator and leadership program for navigating complex marine operations and developing effective communication. 

The Bridge Resource Management program allows individuals to train how to captain a vessel and gain experience in commanding a vessel under the stress of rapidly changing dynamics and conditions —without the high cost of errors at sea. Instructors can create rain, turn the oceans from a glass-like surface to a high sea state, all while teaching the importance of working together as a team and developing the team’s leadership skills.

It is a truly immersive experience and one that will help with the development of future maritime leaders, while also providing a useful training resource for more experienced operators. Many individuals believe they are effective communicators until they are put in situations where lives are at stake due to a misunderstanding and the obvious becomes painfully clear — more often than not, leadership skills can always be improved.